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We are here to serve the residents of Iron County by promoting health, protecting the environment and preventing disease and injury.

Our vision is for everyone in Iron County to live better, longer.


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WI Extra FoodShare Benefits Ending Feb 2023 

In the coming weeks, many WI residents will be receiving letters from WI DHS announcing a reduction in FoodShare benefits. 

With increased food costs, this change will make it harder to provide healthy meals.

Below are resources for Iron County, WI residents to help with this hardship:

Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)

RSV is a major cause of respiratory illness in all age groups.  Among infants and your children, it is the most common cause of bronchitis, croup, ear infections, and pneumonia.  Both older adults as well as infants and young children are most likely to get serious complication if they get sick with RSV.

For weekly case count updates for all respiratory viruses in Wisconsin, see the Weekly Respiratory Surveillance Report.


Winter Weather Health and Safety Tips

Winter in Wisconsin can be fun and exciting, but sometimes the conditions can become dangerous.  Winter storms can sweep through brining high winds, large amounts of accumulation and drifting snow, ice, and extreme cold temperatures.  Being prepared ahead of a storm will help you get through it safely.  Check out WI DHS and WI DOT before traveling this winter.


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Preventative Health Services
Available by Appointment Call 715.561.2191


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Please follow links below for accurate up to date information concerning COVID-19.   

Please contact the following medical facility Helplines with questions concerning your symptoms:

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